Load image into Gallery viewer, STBeeBright 7.68KWH Home Energy Storage System All-in-One Lithium Battery BOB51
Load image into Gallery viewer, STBeeBright 7.68KWH Home Energy Storage System All-in-One Lithium Battery BOB51


STBeeBright 7.68KWH Home Energy Storage System All-in-One Lithium Battery BOB51

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  • STBeeBright BOB51 series All-in-One Wall-Mounted PV Energy Storage System, Supporting PV input and AC mains electricity input, it is characterized by the integration of energy storage batteries and inverters in features and applications. It can provide reliable and sustainable backup power for your home or business. The battery capacity is 3KWh/5KWh/7.5KWh/10KWh optional, supporting a maximum output of 5000W, providing you with enough capacity and power to meet your energy needs . It can also be fully discharged without compromising delivery capacity, making it ideal for solar installations. The battery has obtained UN38.3/MSDS/CE/UL certification to ensure its quality and safety. Its built-in Pure Sine Wave inverter has obtained CE/EN61000/UL certificate, making electricity use safer.
  • The built-in high-performance battery of STBeeBright BOB51 is a green battery. It uses lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) as the cathode material, which is non-toxic, recyclable and durable. It has a longer life cycle than lithium-ion batteries, up to two to four times, reducing the need for frequent replacement and maintenance. It is also more stable and safe at high temperatures, avoiding the risk of overheating or fire.
  • If you are looking for a battery storage system that can provide you with reliable performance, low cost per kWh of energy storage and minimal environmental impact, look no further than the STBeeBright BFB51300. It is the perfect choice for your solar application. Contact us to learn more!
More reasons for you to choose STBeeBright BOB51:
  • It has a compact and modern design that can fit in different home styles and spaces.
  • It can reduce your reliance on the grid by using your stored solar energy when the sun is not shining or when the electricity prices are high.
  • It can protect your home from power outages by automatically switching to battery mode when the grid goes down
  • It can be controlled and monitored through an app or a web portal that shows your energy usage and solar production.
  • It can be integrated with existing or new solar systems without requiring additional inverters or controllers.
AC input range AC110V-AC240V @ 50Hz/60Hz
Inverter output range AC 110V-AC240V @ 50Hz/60Hz
AC output power 5000W
AC output current 45A
Battery capacity 3KWh/5KWh/7.68KWh/10KWh
Max discharge current 100A
Max PV input power 1000W-2000W
Rate Output Power 5000W-10000W
Peak Power 10000-20000VA
AC Input Voltage 220V-230-240 VAC
Solar Charger & AC Charger
Max.PV Array Power 6000-11000W
Operating Voltage MPPT Range 120-430/450VDC
Max.AC Charge Current 80-120A
Max.Solar Charge Current 100-200A