Comparison of STbeebright BP017 and Sun King Home 200x Solar Generators

STbeebright BP017 vs Sun King Home 200x: A Detailed Comparison of Solar Generators

Comparison of STbeebright BP017 and Sun King Home 200x Solar Generators

Solar generators are a great way to harness the power of the sun for various applications. In this article, we will compare two solar generators: the STbeebright BP017 and the Sun King Home 200x.

STbeebright BP017 Portable Solar Generator

The STbeebright BP017 is a high-capacity, high-output solar generator. It stands out for its impressive specifications:

  • Battery Capacity: The STbeebright BP017 has a substantial battery capacity of 1000Wh (320000mAh), which is significantly larger than many portable solar generators on the market. This large capacity allows it to power multiple devices for extended periods.

  • Output Power: With an output power of 1000W, the STbeebright BP017 can handle high-power devices with ease. This is particularly useful for powering appliances in off-grid situations or during power outages.

  • Versatile Outputs: The STbeebright BP017 comes with a variety of output options, including 3x AC outlets, 1x USB-C PD output, 3x USB-A QC outputs, 1x car output, and 2x DC outputs. This wide range of outputs makes it highly versatile and suitable for a variety of devices.

  • Additional Features: The STbeebright BP017 also includes an LCD screen for easy monitoring of its performance and an LED flashlight with three modes, including an SOS mode for emergencies.

Sun King Home 200x

The Sun King Home 200x is a compact and efficient solar generator designed for home use:

  • Battery Capacity and Output: The Sun King Home 200x has a 28Wh Lithium-ion NMC Battery. While this is smaller than the STbeebright BP017, it’s still capable of powering its included tube lights and charging mobile devices.

  • Solar Panel: The Sun King Home 200x comes with a 15W polycrystalline solar panel. This panel is efficient and durable, with an aluminium frame and a 6-meter cable for convenient placement.

  • Lighting: The Sun King Home 200x includes 3 tube lights with a total power of 600 lumens. It also offers three different light modes to suit various needs.

  • USB Mobile Charging and Power Ports: The Sun King Home 200x includes a 5V/1.8A USB mobile charging port and four 12V power ports. One of these ports is designed for TV powering, adding to its versatility.


While both the STbeebright BP017 and the Sun King Home 200x are excellent solar generators, the STbeebright BP017 stands out for its high power and versatility. Its large battery capacity and high output power make it suitable for a wide range of applications, from powering appliances to charging multiple devices. Its variety of output options further enhances its versatility, making it a powerful and flexible solution for solar power generation. However, the Sun King Home 200x, with its efficient solar panel and lighting options, is a solid choice for home use. Ultimately, the best solar generator depends on your specific power needs and usage scenarios.

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